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Joe refuses to apologise for ‘controlling’ behaviour towards Lucie

He said he has nothing to be sorry for

Responding to the criticism of his"controlling" behaviour on Love Island, Joe Garratt has insisted that he has "nothing to be sorry for."

Joe left the villa on Tuesday, and in an interview with The Sun, he said he won't be saying sorry.

"I am not going to say sorry", he said "I may have worded things wrong and the cameras are on you 24/7. I may have slipped up a bit but I am only human."

He added: "I'm gutted that it has been perceived this way because it wasn't like that at all."

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Joe is also sure that Lucie will disagree with the controversy, stating: "I think she will be upset about what has come out because it is not me."

He said: "I am confident she will look at it and be like that is not Joe at all. She will look at it and say that is not the Joe I met, that is not the Joe I know."

His behaviour has been called out for being controlling, abusive and manipulative, with Ofcom receiving more than 600 complaints about his behaviour towards Lucie. Women's Aid also labelled his behaviour as controlling.

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Joe said: "I think the intense nature of it all, when fellow islanders said stuff to me – it would never bother me normally – but because you are in there and you get told things constantly you are like 'am I OK with these things?' and I generally was, but you feel that heightened pressure and you have these conversations and you have to address things."

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In spite of all the criticism, Joe is sure that him and Lucie still have potential. "I will stay true to myself and wait to see how it all plays out and hopefully we can reunite and build a future."

He added: "I would love to get more time with Lucy in there. I would never rule out the possibility of going back in. I met somebody who I fell for so I have already won in that sense. I would love to go back in and see her. I think that would be really nice and I think she would love that."

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