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Rejoice! You can now DELETE messages on Facebook Messenger

Now you can delete messages off other peoples’ phones as well as your own

Facebook has just announced you can now properly delete messages on Messenger. Yes, not just off your own phone but whoever you sent it to as well. 2019 is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Remember when you randomly confessed your love to that guy and wished you could delete it a second after you did it? Remember when your drunk mate stole your phone and messaged your boss? Remember when you accidentally sent a nude to the family group chat and almost died?

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Well, Facebook has answered our prayers as you can now delete those humiliating, life-destroying, soul-crushing messages, as long as you do so within 10 minutes of sending them. After those ten minutes you are fucked, but still, it's an improvement right?

To delete a message on Facebook, click on the message, choose "Remove" and select "Remove for Everyone". However, if you miss the ten-minute window you can still remove it from your app, perfect for when you literally can't bare to be reminded of your own idiotic behaviour.

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This feature will already work on your web browser but if you want to use it on your phone make sure you have the latest version of the app installed as well as the latest iOS or Android operating software downloaded.

Let's all hope Snapchat jumps on the bandwagon so we can stop sending sexts to the wrong person.