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Which is the hardest university to get into in the UK in 2018? Find out here

Let’s just say you would almost definitely get into Aberystwyth

If you want to know if your uni was the toughest to get into to impress your friends back home, then look no further. We've compiled data from UCAS to provide you with a comprehensive list of 132 UK unis, from hardest to easiest to get into.

We've ranked them on offer rate percentage. This is the number of people who are given an offer after applying for the university (not necessarily the number that actually gets in as many won't get the grades).

Unsurprisingly, Oxford has nabbed the top spot, with less than a quarter of applicants getting an offer. However, one surprise is that Cambridge haven't come in second. University of Arts London is marginally more competitive, as only 30.2 per cent of applicants receive an offer, compared to 31.2 per cent at Cambridge.

Right at the other end of the table is Aberystwyth, who offers 98.5 per cent of its applicants a place at the university. I hate to think what that 1.5 per cent who don't get an offer are like.

Check out the table below to see where your university ranks.

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