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Everything Dick and Dom have been up to since they left da bungalow

I’m getting Big Dick and Dom Energy vibes

We used to fucking love Dick and Dom, didn't we? Tuning in every weekend to watch Dick and Dom mess around in their bungalow, two young guys with their own home, they really tricked us all into thinking we had a chance on the property ladder, didn't they?

They were a mainstay of our childhoods, but where are they now? What have they been up to since we all stopped tuning into the bungalow and started tuning into Love Island instead? Unsurprisingly they're still knocking about and having a medium-to-large amount of fun.

Dick and Dom interview

We sat down with Dick and Dom (from da bungalow)- ft. swearing, assault, and our crushed childhood dreams

Posted by The Tab on Monday, February 5, 2018

They've been DJing student nights, of course

Just gonna put this out there, Dick and Dom DJing student nights is the absolute definition of Big Dick Energy – Big Dick and Dom Energy. Other, lesser children's TV stars would probably just do a club appearance or a meet and greet on a nationwide tour, but not Dick and Dom – Dick and Dom are fucking DJing. Two of them. DJing. Dick and Dom. DJing. At your SU.

Big Cook, Little Cook did a meet and greet in Sheffield last year, which is cool, but imagine them DJing – it'd be mental. Yet you can't imagine it, can you? Now imagine Dick and Dom Djing – oh wait, you don't have to, they've already done it.

Dick opened up about his drug use back in the old days

In 2008, the Mail Online reported that Dick was caught outside a nightclub in Manchester telling strangers that he had previously taken drugs, but had been told by doctors to stop. Absolutely wild. It makes the fact that Dom got kicked out of the Magic Circle for revealing secrets seem incredibly un-hardcore, really.

Someone threw a VK at them in Norwich

Listen, there are many people I'd like to throw a VK at – Jamie Oliver, Dr Alex from Love Island, lads who only talk about the gym – but I would never throw a VK at Dick and Dom. Who would do such a thing? What kind of childhood-less anarchist would, a) throw a VK at Dick and Dom, and b) waste a perfectly good VK?

Well, the students of UEA apparently.

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They carried on doing Diddy Dick and Dom

Sort of like Little Ant and Dec, Diddy Dick and Dom was a segment aired during Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. Since then, they've created spin offs Diddy Movies, which ran for two series' between 2012-14, and Diddy TV, a spin off of a spin off, which began in 2016 and is still running.

They won a goddamn BAFTA for messing with science

In 2014, the pair won the Children's Presenter BAFTA for Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom, a TV series that began with them taking the works of famous "geniuses" and recreating them in the modern day, before brancing out into apps and space technology. It took their total number of BAFTAs to four. FOUR. They've won more BAFTAs than Ian McKellen.

As of 2018, it has run for five series. On top of that, they hosted Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? for two series. They just love the genius genre.

They recently celebrated 20 years at the BBC

Yeah, twenty years. People born in the year 2000 probably won't remember Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. I don't know what to do right now, I'm just sat here, staring at my keyboard, dumbfounded.

Originally starting as individual presenters, they formed their double act in 1997, and celebrated 20 years at the BBC with five hours of Dick and Dom content on CBBC. Now that's content we can all get behind.

There could yet be a comeback…

Keep your fingers crossed, but in 2016 the BBC reported that producer Steve Ryde had teased a possible comeback of Dick and Dom in da Bungalow to a fan on Twitter. The fact that we haven't seen anything yet probably puts this rumour to bed really.

Dick and Dom are making their debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year

In what is their debut at the festival (as they've been busy DJing student nights and having VKs thrown at them), the pair are bringing their live show, Dick Vs Dom, to the festival in 2018. The show sees them splitting the audience into teams and competing for either Dick or Dom. They described themselves by saying, "Ant and Dec are like Waitrose, and we're Lidl".

They're doing a freshers event in Bournemouth

Yep, this September the pair will be hosting a 'Dick and Dom Freshers House Party' in Bournemouth. The event doesn't specifically say what they'll actually be doing there, but it's guaranteed to bring back some nostalgic memories.