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This is what happens when your shoe gets stuck in an escalator during rush hour

Three hours later and it’s still stuck

When you're battling your way through the rat race that is London's rush hour, you often think about all the terrible things that could happen to you.

What if my bag gets caught in the tube doors as they close? What if my shoe gets stuck in the escalator for three and half a hours and counting?

For 22-year-old Ben Foreman, he fell victim to the latter. As he was making his way off the busy escalator in Liverpool Street station, his shoe got jammed, and the escalator full of people came to a grinding halt.

Ben recounted the event for us saying: "I was just coming down to get a sandwich and I was walking, then all of a sudden my foot came straight out of my shoe. I carried on walking and realised my shoe was trapped in the escalator.

"The escalator carried on for a minute then jammed, and then loads of people sort of jolted around on the escalator looking around to see what had happened and realised that my shoe was stuck."

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Two engineers attend the scene

He's been waiting for three and half hours wearing only one shoe, and is keeping his Twitter updated, reaching out to Network Rail for help and hoping that his shoe will soon be freed. So far no attempt made has been successful.

Ben said: "Some people came and tried to unscrew it. Unscrewing it didn't work, so now they've got an engineer on call who should be here any minute now, fingers crossed."

Updates to follow.