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Two entire seasons of Love Island are going up on Netflix, so that’s my social life ruined

Well shit

On the 1st of May, Netflix UK will be putting up two entire seasons of Love Island for us to binge on. Yes, you read that right.

So it means that with 66 episodes to watch in total, you can stop thinking about how long away season four seems and focus your energy on previous Love Island drama you've never seen before.

Plus it will mentally prepare and hype you for the brand new season starting in June.

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And now that Netflix lets you download episodes on your phone, you could watch the episodes on the go.

Unfortunately season three, the most classic of all series, isn't going up on Netflix next week. But it doesn't mean it won't be added later.

Love Island Season Four is set to return on ITV 2 in the summer, with Caroline Flack confirmed as host and Iain Stirling narrating it.

And we think we've figured out which boy and girl are likely to be part of the 2018 cast.