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Missguided have just launched a ‘jeans and a nice top’ section!!!

The Fiat 500 girl inside of me is SCREAMING


Missguided have just introduced a new "jeans and a nice top" section to their website, meaning thousands of women across the globe will finally know what to wear when they go out!

If you don't understand how big a deal this is, the "jeans and a nice top phenomenon" has literally taken over every girl's life.

Because if you ask her what she's wearing to any future event, she's guaranteed to reply: "Oh, I don't know, probably some jeans and a nice top."

This is what the website looks like and it currently has 94 outfits on sale.

Missguided have decided to create the new section when a tweet by Jennifer Stuart went viral a few weeks ago, in which she asked them to create "a new tab" for the popular outfit choice.

They responded with "Noted!" and attached a Roll Safe meme. Obviously.

And 12 days later they announced that they've launched it, sending Jennifer a link to it, with yet another meme. Someone needs to give their social media person a raise.

In the description for the new category, they write: "Party season might be over but that doesn’t mean the partying is. If you’re looking for a new outfit for this weekend, or whenever, you’ve come to the right place."

And this proves once again that Missguided is like the best friend who just gets you. I know where I'll be doing my online shopping from now on.