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What it was really like being on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents from someone who stripped naked on it

How did they not know their mum was watching?

Ah Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, that iconic program where you'd get to watch limp tongued three-way kisses, sunburnt backs popping out of turquoise vest tops and guys from Blackpool chanting. "ya ya ya YA". It was a simpler time before Netflix was a thing, before terrestrial TV became a wasteland of cooking programmes and Homes Under the Hammer.

But what is it actually like being on the show? Did these kids feel violated when they found out their Dad saw them being motor-boated by a promotor wearing an "I <3 Zante" bum bag? What is it like puking watery blue liquid in front of a massive camera? To find out, I spoke to Lancashire's Liam Gaskin who appeared on the third season with his best mate Gemma.

Some of his Maga moments include snogging an inanimate metal pole in broad daylight, getting bollock naked on top of a podium in a packed out bar, receiving a love bite on his balls from some random girl and having a screaming fit with Gemma after he lost three of her euros somewhere up his tight lime green mankini. Given all this, he seems like the perfect guy to tell us what really went on.

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Grown up Liam

Was it not SO obvious you were going on Sun, Sex and Suspicious parents?

Deep down we did know, we were at college and we wanted to apply for something like Deal or No Deal and we saw this thing called The Big Vacation. We applied and then the producers came to our house and started asking questions and within about five minutes it was pretty obvious that it was Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents. All the questions were like "do your parents know what you get up to on a night out?" "How would you feel if your parents were watching you when you throw up?"

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Liam getting intimate with some steel

They were looking for people with strict parents so they would be more traumatised when it eventually came out that they were being watched. We knew what was happening so we gave them what they wanted to hear. Eventually we got told we were going to Magaluf for a week, all paid for with 400 euros spending money.

Wasn't it long AF being followed by cameras the whole time?

One day we actually tried to escape them. We told the producers we were going to have an early night because we were hungover. We went up to the hotel room and waited for two hours, waiting to run out onto the strip but when we came down they were all sat around the pool like "great lets go film again, yeah?" When we walked around the strip everyone would give us loads of attention because of the camera, we'd get loads of free drinks. Loads of fit people would be following us about. That was the best bit.

One night we were out with the camera crew and we bumped into the other group from the programme, for some reason they aren't with their camera crew. They must have escaped them, anyway they see us and dash over and start asking us questions about being filmed. Dunno why but instead of going out with them, we felt really protective over the show and we started arguing with them, saying we weren't being tricked and calling them liars and whatever. The producers had clearly indoctrinated us.

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Just think this guy probably now works in accounting or some shit

Did the producers make you do anything you didn't want to do?

Yeah. One night we wanted to go into the main bit of Magaluf but the producers made us go to this bar in the middle of nowhere. It was the worst bar I have actually ever been to. There was no one there except for us four, we kept begging the producers to go somewhere else but they kept saying "lets just stay one more hour". When we watched it back we realised why, on every episode they always have that one place where the parents sit on a balcony and look down and watch the kids and that was the only place that would let them do it.

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A really wholesome image from the programme

Did you feel like you had to be outrageous?

Off camera the producers would dare us to do things. In one scene I am on this podium and there is a stripper dancing there and the producer was like "it would be funny if you started stripping next to her" and they got security to block off the stage so that they could film this scene. Eventually we did get fully naked.

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Liam (left) and his stripper friend

How has Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents impacted your life?

In my home town I get noticed all the time. It even happens when I am away with work. I'll be at Butlins or whatever and people will come up and say "I recognise you don't I?"

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Did it make you want to die watching it back?

The booze cruise was mortifying, I was brought up as one of the guys and I had a girl on her knees who was supposed to give me a blow job and I am gay so I was thoroughly relieved when she refused. But then, you get so drunk on these things and you feel a bit sick which makes you feel even more drunk so you don't really have any emotions about whether or not you are enjoying it or not anyway. It's not like that anymore, two or so years ago this video went viral of a girl sucking off about 50 guys, so now booze cruises have mellowed out. Everyone is clothed, there is no touching each others private parts.

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Some girl giving Liam a love bite on his balls

Was anything manipulated to look more dramatic?

One night out me and Gemma had a very small argument when I put like three quid of hers in my mankini to keep it safe and I lost it. The whole thing probably lasted about two mins but that was all the producers put in from an eight hour night out.

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Gemma and Liam's fallout

After being filmed getting a love bite on your balls in front of about 30 teenagers, is it still possible to get a job?

I work abroad holiday repping for couples. I have never had any problems but I am guessing if I get a job which has a high profile then it wouldn't work if they do Googled you? But when am I ever actually going to become a lawyer?