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Oh marvellous, Tatler have blessed us with a list of the poshest names of all time

Fetch me a bellini, Xerxes

Having watched both series of the Crown with your mum over Christmas, you now want to marry into a posh family and name your babies silly things.

And, in a marvel of good fortune, Tatler have published a list of the poshest baby names of all time.

Consider this a definitive guide. Print it off and give it to your pregnant friends! Go flyering outside an ante-natal class! Do a Banksy on the doors of a maternity ward!

The boys


Calling your baby boy Peroni is a tad new money, so best to stick with a defunct chain of off-licences. Threshers? That's a girl's name, silly.

Come to think of it, the history of Unwins is a pretty good indicator for what might happen to your family line: it was founded in 1834, then sold to a private equity firm in 2005 and went bust a few months later.


A massive dildo.


Get ready to pay £80 for a bag of salt at your first tech house event, my friend.


Tell your posho friends your new baby is named after the editor of the Financial Times, when really he's the namesake of Lionel Richie. The perfect crime.


Since you already secretly agree with columnists arguing for the merits of colonialism, why not name your child after an imperial measure.

Besides, they can call themselves Kilo (short for Kilometre, the ultimate act of inter-denominational rebel. It'll be cool. All the other kids in Dulwich Village will love it.


Ah yes, it's raining quite considerably, and the pub's looking nice and warm, so Inigo.


If you want to name your child after a legendary Persian king, why cheapen it by going for the bad guy in 300?


This is a Vere Gewd Neyme.


Perfect for when they fuck up their very expensive A-Levels and have to attend a uni where they've gotta pretend to be poor. It's just a bit sinister if they're first in line for your hereditary title.

But hey, at least this quick Google images search shows you'll defo be able to get him a poster with his name on. None of that 'Bort' crap.

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Although quite a traditional name, these days your poor son might get confused for a nutritional supplement.


Knowing poshos this is probably pronounced Yatch.

The girls


Embrace the decline of civilised society, give in to your most base instincts, and name your daughter after Nairo Quintana, a professional cyclist who came 3rd overall in the 2016 Tour de France, and perhaps the only one on the tour who can really rival Chris Froome on a climb.


Less of a name, more of an 'oh fuck these were the only tiles I had left in Scrabble'. In fact, this would only score 9 points.

And prepare for the inevitable disappointment when Siri can't pronounce their name. Not to be Ynseulting or anything.


"Actually, it's pronounced Zante. No not like that gross holiday destination?" would be the conversation your daughter has on the first day of Freshers', if she wasn't destined for St Andrews where everybody knows how to pronounce stuff like this.


Where there's a willa there's a way(a).


Hey so you know the stereotypical Zara girl? The better, more professional version of you. Well (insert galactic brain meme)…what if she was actually called Zara? Like, after the actual shop.

Nominative determinism at its finest.





This one is made up, but maybe I can inspire someone to name their child Sandwichina.