Theresa May has had enough of mansplaining

Along with everyone else in the world

Male politicians, officials, diplomats and even journalists have been warned not to mansplain to Theresa May and her team.

Mansplaining is when someone explains something to someone, typically a woman, in a condescending or patronising way, and it is no longer tolerated in Whitehall.

According to The Times, word spread after an incident during a meeting where Sir Mark Lyall Grant supposedly mansplained to the Prime Minister. Although he has said during his meetings with Theresa May’s female team: “I maintain eye contact, ensure I offer only what’s wanted and definitely do not talk over them to avoid causing offence.”

Since the incident which displeased Theresa May, it’s been said officials are being “hyper-aware” of their attitudes towards women.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries is encouraging a crack-down on patronising attitudes towards women: “It’s something most women have to adjust to when they first enter politics.

“We are very used to men talking over us or looking at us with glazed eyes because all they are really interested in is what they have to say, acting with a complete lack of self awareness.

“The prime minister will certainly have been well used to it from her time at the Home Office, and seen it a million times. She might have expected that it would stop when she entered No 10, and I really think it should do.”