The nail polish which can tell if your drink is spiked is coming in 2017

It changes colour when it detects date rape drugs

Back in 2014 the internet was set alight by a new nail varnish designed to protect women by detecting the presence of date rape drugs in drinks. Although the response to the idea was phenomenally positive it didn’t seem to be set to become a reality until now.

Undercover Colors, the company behind the nail technology has received $5.5 million investment from backers, meaning the product could come to fruition in the next few months. They also reemerged on social media, posting on Facebook that there was “much to come in 2017” with a ‘coming soon’ picture.

The concept for the nail polish was first developed two years ago by four engineering students from North Carolina State University. They said they wanted to hand back power to women, and that their product will let women know whether they’ve been spiked simply by swirling their finger in their drink.

If the nail polish changes colour, it means a drug like rohypnol, Xanax or GHB is present in the drink.

David Gardner, one of 49 investors in the revolutionary product, told the Triangle Business Journal that the product would be a “game changer” for women everywhere.

He said: “It’s shifting the fear back on the perpetrators and it’s too good of a thing not to deserve a backing and a chance.”