How to nail a girls’ night out in Manchester

Gals will be gals

girl's night out manchester

The ideal girls’ night out in Manchester is a true art form. Obviously we know how to turn up properly, we’ve got one of the best nightlife scenes in the country. But there are so many ways to mess up a perfect girls night out in our fair city, so this is how to get it right.

Prep the squad

No matter how long this night’s been planned, someone will undoubtedly flake. Identifiable by their unenthusiastic grimace in response to “Looking forward to tonight?”, these need to be targeted early to avoid contaminating the minds of other flakers.

The trick is to pump up the jams and get the party started before you’ve even started getting ready. Group preparation is key. The more of you, getting ready in the same location, the better. If someone lives in town, even better.

Group photos are essential. Capture your immaculate makeup and outfit prior to the inevitable messy state you’ll be in a few hours. Take a few shots and make sure you get a good picture of looking fly and silly faces (because you’re such fun gals y’know).

Bend… and snap


Get down to New Zealand wines for some cheap vino or even a cheeky bottle of Glen’s. Avoid Sainsbury’s at all cost if your bank balance is dwindling- rumour has it, it’s the most expensive in the UK.

If you’re not keen on the inevitable shit hole that your living room will have become by the end of the evening, head over to Wetherspoons in Fallowfield for some affordable beverages. Otherwise, Font is prime location for cocktails on the cheap- go for the Zombie or Long Island Iced Tea for some real value for money.

Fancy something a little classier? Then hit Revs with your card for two for one cocktails.

Picking out some garms 

Generally speaking, the wavier the better. Manchester’s many basement, or warehouse venues are prime places to get your rave on but you’ll be lucky to leave with your shoes in a good state. Whatever you do, don’t wear white, heels or anything you don’t want to ruin.

If, however, you’re heading over to Deansgate Locks, or some swag bar outside the student domain then rules will apply.

Should you be gracing Pout, Lola Lo or Missoula with your presence, then think heels, a full face of slap and that tight number from your pre-uni days.

Heading somewhere with a little more class? Then keep the heels but keep it classy with a more demure outfit. Albert Schloss and Revs de Cuba are great if you’re after something a little more up market, just make sure you’re not wearing sneakers on the weekends!

If in doubt, all black e’erything.

Clubbing on fleek

Wherever you are in Manchester, a girl’s night out needs to be well documented to show all your peers what a fire squad you are. This means – plenty of photos. Whether you’re constantly harassing the club photographer or spending a decent portion of the night taking group selfies in the bathroom, then you’re doing it right.

Dancing depends on your location. Get your twerk on at Juicy. Fist Pump at the Warehouse Project Salsa on down at Revs de Cuba. Project some ‘feeling the music’ vibes at the Soup Kitchen.

Takeaway tips 

Nothing tastes quite as good as greasy food appeasing a grumbling, alcohol filled stomach. Saying that, there’s definitely a hierarchy as to where you should buy your post-night out grub.

Archie’s is top dog. Not only is it pink and pretty but it also offers some of the best takeaway food, Manchester has to offer. Only problem is it closes at 2AM from Sunday-Wednesday and 3AM from Thursday-Saturday, so you’ll probably need to cut your night a little short to make it over in time.

Crazy Pedro’s is also a top contender, especially if you live in town. Open until 4AM, with pizzas so good the taste great sober and seasonal toppings that will make any holidaya happy one, there’s really nothing left to desire.

Back in Fallowfield, Kebab King is prime location for cheesy chips and late night entertainment. But Chicken King is the place to go shoud you wish to sample Fallowfield’s finest after-hours gourmet.

Should you live a little further afield in Withington, two-for-one pizzas at Kahn’s make it theplace to go for affordable nosh.

Post club antics 

If you’re not done partying when the lights come on, then you’re well and truly nailing girl’s night. But, you’re probably also at a loss as to what to do now. Never fear, in Manchester, there’s always a house party on the weekends, it’s just a case of knowing the right people.

House party unavailable? Then spice up your night with a late night curry on the Curry Mile, followed by an ice cold sweet treat from Gelato Passion or Moonlight.

Last but not least, ease your transition back into reality the following morning with a pint of water before bed and an open window for the inevitable hangover hot sweats.

Oh and then relive last night’s activities through the joy that is Snapchat the next morning. This is precisely why you invited that friend that snapchats her entire life from start to finish.