I gave my dad a makeover and he looked amazing

That contour tho

Firstly, I should probably apologise to my dad, and thank Gisela Villa, the 17-year-old make-up guru who inspired me to turn Baz (my lovely, compliant dad) into a goddess with make-up for the day.

Gisela found fame earlier this week after doing her father’s make-up, which went viral. Gisella, who got into make-up after receiving some as a present for her quinceanera at 15, had thousands of retweets and likes, and even featured in a Buzzfeed article. And might I say, he looked amazing, I was jealous to be honest. Jealous and inspired.

So I thought why not do Baz’s? Baz and I aren’t new to the concept of me doing his makeup. In fact, he’s taken part in quite a few pantos, in these he’s always managed to land the ‘drag’ role. However, his makeup for these parts wasn’t particularly the look I wanted to go for, they were intentional over the top, today I wanted Baz to look ready to hit the Toon.

But this wasn’t a panto role: I’m talking contour, highlight, lashes, the works. I started with the eyes, I went for quite a light smokey eye look using more browns than black to accentuate his blue eyes. Essentially I did a similar to look to my makeup for a night out.

After I made sure his eyeliner was sharp enough to cut someone I moved onto the foundation and the cream contour. At this point Baz was very confused at the amount of brushing and sponging that had gone into his makeup so far. Once he was contoured to the Gods and was looking about 12 years younger, I did my best attempt at making his brows on fleek. Now, this was one of the hardest parts of the whole look due to his eyebrows being so bushy (watch out Cara).

For the finishing touches I made him gleam with my Charlotte Tilbury highlighter (would definitely recommend), put on some lashes and slapped on some MAC lipstick. I think he enjoyed the pouting a bit too much when it came to putting on the lipstick. He also said he was surprised at how good the lashes looked despite how horrible they felt on. Here was the finished look:



Final thoughts: I actually really enjoyed doing this, as weird as it was seeing my Dad’s makeup look so on point I think he kind of liked it. Other than the brows being tricky, the waterline is a nightmare, boys kick up one hell of a fuss. ‘WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THIS IN MY EYE?! DEAR GOD NO!’ In his words ‘it’s perverse’, which when you think about it makes total sense.

Another thing that was a slight challenge is how the makeup settled over his stubble, I’m very pleased I do not have to deal with that. Although, despite the struggle to give him an even finish he was actually very impressed by his makeup. He enjoyed the colour of his skin and he absolutely loved his highlight. The makeup itself came off. All apart from the eyes, the liner and mascara turned out to pose a challenge as for the past three days he has been walking round like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Baz’s most resounding thought about the whole process was genuine amazement at how long it really took us girls to look good. I think now he appreciates why my mum and I tend to take a bit longer than my brother and him to get ready. Maybe now he won’t shout at us for keeping him waiting (but I think that’s being overly optimistic). Overall I would definitely do this again, whether Baz would, I’m not so sure. But if he does change his mind, you’ll probably be able to spot us in Perdu sporting matching lipstick.