A campaign to take pro-Brexit politicians to court for ‘lying to the public’ has raised over £100k

‘If an MP repeatedly lies to the electorate then they belong in prison, not parliament’

A project started up by Marcus J Ball to take politicians who campaigned for Brexit to court is almost at its target of £100,000.

The project was set up by 26-year-old Marcus J Ball who’s spent the last six years founding start-ups focused on higher education reform, politics, and health. He says he’s “majorly angry with lying politicians”.

The BrexitJustice website

According to the campaign webpage, Ball set up the campaign with the aim of “prosecuting Vote Leave leaders based upon fraud, misconduct in public office, undue influence and, possibly, inciting racial hatred”.

Team #BrexitJustice had originally raised £44,470 in just one day, and were raising funds and contacting barristers and celebrities for support in order to take legal action in the wake of Brexit. They claim they’ve had support over Twitter from “Lord Sugar, Paloma Faith, Robin Ince, AC Grayling and Richard Corbett MEP”.

Now #BrexitJustice had raised over and above the money they needed, as of today they have raised £128,055 – nearly 30k over their £100,000 target. On their website they say their aims are now to: “Raise as much money as we can to ensure we have the resources required for extensive legal action (our opposition is very wealthy and powerful, we need a war chest).

“Formally engage barristers, solicitors and QCs at a fraction of their normal fees/pro bono (We’ve got several keen to help once we’ve formally engaged them). Marcus J Ball will take on the risk of being the ‘claimant’ on behalf of all backers (thus protecting backers).”

The campaign intends ultimately to “prosecute vote leave leaders based upon fraud, misconduct in public office, undue influence and, possibly, inciting racial hatred”, and to “fund a judicial review and other legal action to prevent Brexit”.

The website claims: “When politicians lie, democracy dies. If we don’t finally take a stand against our political leaders then they will simply keep lying to us. We have no right to complain about lying politicians if we aren’t willing to come together and punish them for doing so. Protests, petitions and picnics have their value, but legal action is the way forward. If an MP repeatedly lies to the electorate then they belong in prison, not parliament. This is going to be really hard but we have a moral responsibility to try.”