How many members of Theresa May’s new cabinet can you name?

Some of them are pretty rogue shouts

Theresa May shocked everyone yesterday as she gave her cabinet a severe shake-up, promoting more women to top positions, and fire well-known politicians like as Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan. As well as this, May put Brexiteers in key Brexit positions (most notably BoJo as foreign secretary) in a move that made experts call May ‘a smart cookie’, as they will take the blame if Britain’s removal from the EU goes wrong.

But do the British public actually know who’s in their Cabinet? These people are now holding key positions in Government, so we held up photos of: Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Chief Whip Gavin Williamson, Leader of the House of Commons David Livington, and Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire to members of the public to see how many they could identify. Here are pictures of the new ministers we showed them, you probably won’t know who they are either.

James Brokenshire, the new Northern Ireland secretary

David Lidiington, leader of the house of commons

The new chief whip Gavin Williamson

Amber Rudd replaced Theresa May as home secretary

Sam, student

“I think Rudd has a position in cabinet. She looks like my friends mum. I could name the ones that we don’t want. I feel that May strategically elected Boris and Hunt as a form of damage control. They’ve made their bed, now they’ve got to lie in it. Hunt especially is arrogant,  his rumours of death tweet proved this.”

Ministers named: 1

George, post-grad student, and Hetty, chef

“We know of Hammond and Hunt. But no-one from that list”

Ministers named: 0

Laura, Charlie, and Lucy, post-grads

“We know of  Rudd, she is the one that always get judged by the shoes she wears. We have never seen or heard of the Chief Whip, but he is quite young. Having both young people and women in this cabinet is a good idea.”

Ministers named: 1

Alex, recruitment

“I know there’s Boris, Davis, and Greening, but I have no idea of anyone from this list. I know,  I’m as clever as I look.”

Ministers named: 0

Paul, head of finance

“May has done a ‘spring-clean’ of the cabinet. I know a few, such as Boris, Fox and Hunt but I would not be able to name them all. ”

Ministers named: 0

Steve, RBS

“I could name the previous cabinet. I recognise the faces of a few as I watched them walk in. I know, I watch too much Sky T.V.”

Ministers named: 0

Sinead, project manager

“I watched the main ones get in but not the rest so I can’t answer any of these. But Labour have made the Tories look good by getting themselves into a mess. You can’t trust any politicians but this cabinet is the best we could get.”

Ministers named: 1

David, photographer

“I recognise the home secretary but that’s it, I’m afraid. I couldn’t name her.”

Ministers named: 0.5

Olivia, skincare consultant

“I haven’t been in this country a long time so I’m not familiar with politics. I don’t know any of these or even who Theresa May is. Williamson is by far the best looking.”

Ministers named: 0.5