Healthy food Instgrammers you should be following



Instagram is filled with hashtags about eating clean, keeping it healthy and lets face it, being a domestic goddess. The obsession with creating weird and wonderful extremely healthy foods that’ll leave your skin glowing and give your metabolism a kick is growing every day.

I’ve made it my mission to locate the best healthy food Instagram accounts – whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, this article applies to you.

  • Deliciously Ella, @deliciouslyella – 870k followers

  • So Deliciously Ella, now recently married and called Ella Mills, is the gluten free vegan hit sensation that has revolutionised not only the way the UK thinks about creating food, but also the world, as her number one best-selling book spreads through Europe and even America.

    She promotes her unique eating life style to create a happier and healthier self. She has introduced us all to many new foods such as her protein packed energy ball snacks, with peanut butter and cacao balls being her speciality.


    1. Lucy and Lentils @lucy_and_lentils – 52.6k followers

    Next up we have Lucy and Lentils, aka Lucy Parker, an interior architecture student at university who also runs an amazing Instagram and website of her own. She says that she has an ‘unquestionable love for all things food!’

    Lucy states that she was inspired by our gal Deliciously Ella and she came to embrace healthy foods. Her Instagram boasts really gorgeous photographs of a lot of egg, avocado and pancake based dishes and is a bruncher’s dream.

    1. Madeleine Shaw, @madeleine_shaw – 241k followers

    Madeleine Shaw has taken the nation by storm, not only is she a best selling author with her newest book Ready, Steady, Glow but she is also a health coach and yoga teacher – the entire healthy package.

    One of my fave Instas by her is this scrumptious raw cacao smoothie bowl. For those that don’t know cacao is the unrefined form of cocoa, it has no sugars or fillers and instead claims to be a top source of antioxidant with an abundance of magnesium and iron inside!

    1. Symmetry Breakfast @symmetrybreakfast – 583k followers

    @symmetrybreakfast is a real visual treat to find. Michael Zee, the chef himself, creates the cutest Instagram account with symmetrical meals photographed everyday for himself and his boyfriend. Boyfriend brownie points if I ever saw them.

    This account is super healthy and has a brilliant range of foodie options from all over the world, he is not only creative in appearance but also in his choice of ingredients. Zee even made a Middle Eastern meal with rich spicy eggs with harissa, feta, honey, olives and blood oranges!

    1. The Good Life Eatery,@goodlifeeatery – 75.8k followers

    The Good Life Eatery is an absolute classic, showcasing one of the most popular restaurants and cold pressed juice and smoothie bars that London has to offer. Trendy healthy Londonites can be found here.

    The two girls who created this fabulous place say that they live by three things: keeping it simple, keeping it clean and keeping it fresh! They want to give the people simple food that is utterly good for you.

    If you go there for breakfast expect to find the healthy fix – acai bowls, franola bowls, yoda bowls (what even is that?!) and paleo chestnut and almond waffles are just some of the wonders on the brekki menu right now.

    1. Helmsley and Hemsley,@hemsleyhemsley – 246k followers

    The beautiful Hemsley sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, have taken over the healthy eating scene. With two books being published, Good and Simple and The Art of Eating Well, their own café in Selfridges and their 5 episodes long television show called Eating Well on All4 they cannot be topped.

    Promoting a balanced diet, yes meat included – not everyone has to be vegan, they have proved themselves very successful. One of my favourite Instagrams of theirs is their gorgeous chia pudding for breakfast – nothing beats pink food for us gals.

    1. Lean Living Girl, @leanlivinggirl – 30.7k followers

    I stumbled across lean living girl through having a MIC member stalk the other day and was pleasantly surprised. Carly Rothman is a healthy food and lifestyle blogger but in Dubai and London and she successfully makes an account that young people can relate too.

    She focuses on making lots of easy and delicious meals such her sushi and asian styled lunch options with the words ‘Simple Alert’ catching my eye and frankly she isn’t telling a lie – give her a follow if you want some cheffing inspiration because she spells it out nice and clearly.

    1. Plant Based Pixie, @plantbased_pixie – 116k followers

    Now for a vegan account – we all knew it was coming! Plant based food blogger pixie is a British scientist and nutritionist in training who carries out a vegan diet.

    She adds protein powder to her meals to make them healthy and nutritious, such as in her absolutely amazing looking pancakes and waffles with her peanut flour.

    1. Honestly Healthy, @honestlyhealthy – 33k followers

    Natasha Corrett is a healthy food recipe writer and food lover, with her new book ‘Honestly Healthy in a Hurry’ she teaches us how to save time, money and create zero food wastage when cooking.

    She posts a lot of Instagrams that show easy to make meals, such as her 10 minute sweet potato quinoa risotto that is packed with turmeric which creates its exotic and curry like taste and smell.

    1. Amelia Freer @ameliafreer – 97k followers

    Amelia Feer is a nutritional therapist who shares what she eats, grows, cooks, thinks and loves. She has published two books, ‘Eat, Nourish, Glow’ and ‘Cook, Nourish, Glow’ propelling her into the status of a household kitchen name.

    She promotes a balanced diet and what I quite like about her Instagram account is that she has quite large captions under her images, such as this one which enters the debate about whether we should eat meat – a very contemporary and noteworthy chef to follow.