Fraser Newgreen

Brexit negotiators, listen to us, we’ve got our mandate

Our generation’s 73% remain vote must be seen for what it is- a clear declaration of intent from a generation that for too long has been the nation’s punching bag.

Guys, are we really helping our female friends?

She was in Leeds, I was in Cambridge, 150 miles away. She messaged me as she was harassed and groped by an unknown but persistant stranger. There was nothing I could do.

Jamie Roberts tackles Cindies

Move over Simba, Cindies has a new Lion King.

Why is student journalism still such a posh sausage fest?

We would really prefer that you are a man with a private school education.

Just far right things – because Nazis have feelings too

For too long now the press have portrayed the British far right as little more than animals. They are made out to be creatures of rage; stupid, unattractive and incoherent. It is time for a change of perspective.

Million dollar Fifty Shades lingerie company looks to Oxbridge for next top model

In a Tab exclusive we reveal that Bluebella, a lingerie company founded by Oxford grad Emily Bendell, is looking to Oxford and Cambridge for ‘the next Lily Cole’ to model their latest range.

Dear JK Rowling, Please leave Harry alone

Dear JK Rowling,
I never thought that I would want to say this, or indeed have any need to, but please, leave Harry Potter be.

Michaelmas term in Craigslist ads

Often perceived as the preserve of murderers, drug dealers, and straight men who are ‘definitely straight’ but want to have sex with other straight men, Craigslist is frequently written off as being seedy at best and, at worst, downright dangerous.

The Tab guide to the Rugby World Cup

Helping you understand the greatest game in the world

Jeremy Corbyn – Labour students spill the beans on their new leader

When people look back at 2015 it will surely be seen as the year that political commentators became redundant.

Not so Gap Yah: Food poisoning made me racist this summer

It’s frightening how quickly charity can turn selfish abroad – and, in my case, racist

The problem with targeting lad culture

Our efforts to combat lad culture are fundamentally flawed.

Why are Cambridge Tories so keen on confirming every possible stereotype?

If you were at the Union on Thursday night, you’ll know what I mean

Which politician is your college?

Politics + Cambridge = A winning combination

In defence of antidepressants

“Mental illness is very real and for some people the drugs do work”

Dryathlon: 31 days on

A feat of humanity

I’m doing the dryathlon because I want to be dignified

FRASER NEWGREEN tells us why he’ll be giving up sweet sweet liquor this January