Ninian Wilson

Ninian Wilson
Aberdeen University


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Going from a big city to Aberdeen is tough

Aberdeen is not a big city

Union Street McDonald’s to close at 11pm

No more late night McNuggets

A new club is to open in Carnegie’s Brae

It sounds awesome

The AUSA Presidential Elections: Your candidates

Let’s get involved

University swimming pool to be turned into theatre

Will all great Neptune’s swimming pool…

How much do you really know about Scotland?

Do you know what Cullen Skink is?

Maddest Fresher: Fraser MacKenzie

Let’s hope he isn’t studying accountancy

Maddest Fresher: Luke Channon

What happens on ski trip stays on ski trip, even your eyebrows

Are you Aberdeen’s maddest fresher 2016?

Do you have what it takes?

Storm Gert bringing the hurt with 90mph winds

Enjoy the Union street taxi rank this weekend

Giant luminous rabbits invade Aberdeen

They’re seven metres tall

Vote now: What’s the worst thing about Aberdeen?

Where’s our bloody Union?

An ode to the Amber Leaf Handypack

The smoker’s equivalent of a vinyl collection

Aberdeen ranked 25th best uni in the UK

But does anyone really care?

Aberdeen hero gets Tab logo tattooed on his bum

He doesn’t even write for us

Girl wins free holiday to Ibiza, has to take panda everywhere with her

It was pandemonium