Liam Taylor

Liam Taylor
London University


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UCL Campus Fashion: Autumn Aesthetic

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fashionista of them all?

Which library am I most likely to get a seat in?

Don’t go to the main library, it’s a waste of time

Which bad Valentine’s Day gift is your uni?

There’s nothing more unoriginal than roses

The A-Z of LGBT lingo

‘She’s a right pillow queen’

I went to ULU sober, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it

It rained when I was queuing, and I couldn’t handle

SCANDAL: Vegan fury as meat products discovered on Meat Free Monday

They’re selling crisps with meat extract

I went on an EFS and RAG blind date, but I didn’t find true love

It went fairly well

I’m better than you because I shop at M&S

I’m sorry but it’s true

Meat Free Mondays make an already bleak day even worse

Oppression from the lentil overlords has gone too far

Nominate your friends for The Tab’s V-Dates

Don’t be lonely this Valentine’s

Panicked anatomy department evacuated after Rockefeller fire alarm

Staff blamed it on a piece of burned toast

Praise for union as lad culture workshops introduced

Being Lord Banterbury is a real problem

Body found in search for missing UCL fresher

The discovery was made in Swansea’s River Tawe

We played with the Big Balls in the Quad

I’ve never seen such big balls

Being gay in London isn’t fabulous, it’s grim

Everyone is a tourist