Liam Taylor

UCL Campus Fashion: Autumn Aesthetic

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fashionista of them all?

Which library am I most likely to get a seat in?

Don’t go to the main library, it’s a waste of time

Which bad Valentine’s Day gift is your uni?

There’s nothing more unoriginal than roses

The A-Z of LGBT lingo

‘She’s a right pillow queen’

I went to ULU sober, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it

It rained when I was queuing, and I couldn’t handle

SCANDAL: Vegan fury as meat products discovered on Meat Free Monday

They’re selling crisps with meat extract

I went on an EFS and RAG blind date, but I didn’t find true love

It went fairly well

I’m better than you because I shop at M&S

I’m sorry but it’s true

Meat Free Mondays make an already bleak day even worse

Oppression from the lentil overlords has gone too far

Nominate your friends for The Tab’s V-Dates

Don’t be lonely this Valentine’s

Panicked anatomy department evacuated after Rockefeller fire alarm

Staff blamed it on a piece of burned toast

Praise for union as lad culture workshops introduced

Being Lord Banterbury is a real problem

We played with the Big Balls in the Quad

I’ve never seen such big balls

Being gay in London isn’t fabulous, it’s grim

Everyone is a tourist