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These latest sounds from NYU artists will make you regret quitting piano lessons in 8th grade

Vibes to get hiiigh on

How to get an internship abroad

Yes you can drink wine and still have a productive semester

NYU alumni dominated the Emmy Awards last night

First stop RA in Goddard, next stop the world

Resting Bitch Face is the streetwear brand venting all your inner feelings

Do I want resting bitch faces on my hoodie? Hell to the yes

Make a run for it, or call for help? This film series is part horror, part interactive thriller

Grayson Whitehurst’s THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE will give you chills

The petition to expel Christian Gutierrez from NYU was signed by over 25,000 people in three days

The rising junior was convicted of slaughtering protected birds in Hawaii

How the fuck is Cornell ranked as more prestigious than NYU

Where even is Ithaca no one has seen it

What it’s like working at the most Instagrammable brand in the world

‘I didn’t think I was a Glossier girl, but now I love representing the brand’

There was a shooting at 5am in Washington Square Park

UPDATE: the gunshot was self-inflicted

NYU student senator Isaac Oseas vows to support Socialist student groups on campus

‘How can NYU not have money for student groups but have enough to fund a billion dollar building?’

In his latest bid for attention, Milo Yiannopoulos says ‘Islam is AIDS’

We met the provocateur for lunch in New York

A bunch of freaks, haters and conspiracy theorists joined Milo Yiannopoulos at a New York protest just now

‘Go back to Syria’

These are the Instagram aesthetics taking over your feed this summer

Clear away winter grunge for some dreamy pastels

These are the Instagram aesthetics taking over your feed this summer

Clear away winter grunge for some dreamy pastels

Pharrell’s NYU commencement speech applauded the Class of 2017 in the fight for women’s equality

‘Your generation is unraveling laws and misguided values that have held women back for far too long’

Pharrell’s NYU commencement speech applauded the Class of 2017 in the fight for women’s equality

‘Your generation is unraveling laws and misguided values that have held women back for far too long’

Do these NYU fuckboys remind you of anyone you know?

The @fckboysofnyu is everyone’s one-night stand

BREAKING: Fire alarm set off at Carlyle Court early Monday morning

All residents were evacuated

Incoming NYU freshmen have started saying ‘WaSquaPa’ – is that even a thing?

According to all-knowing freshmen, we’ve been saying WSP aaall wrong

I tricked the internet into believing an insane rumor about Lena Dunham

I April Fool’d basically all of Twitter

I tricked the internet into believing an insane rumor about Lena Dunham

I April Fool’d basically all of Twitter

Drops: ‘FOREIGN’ by TRNDSTTRS with KPR, Soho, and Chuma Ossé

Inside the trio’s latest song and why they spend less than a day on each new track

BREAKING: Lena Dunham to teach class on intersectional feminism at Gallatin this fall

Pres. Hamilton confirmed via email

How to join in Syrian Refugee Awareness Week at NYU

Every ally makes a difference

The best cheap lunches around Washington Square

Because at this point in the semester we all have literally five dollars

NYU dominates in over 25 subjects, ranks in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide

Guess what our best subject is

Women of color filmmakers were front and center at Tisch’s Fusion Film Festival

‘Existing frameworks will crumble, and it’s up to you to decide what come’s next’

Who said it: Steve Bannon or Mussolini?

When you confuse the White House chief strategist for an Italian fascist…

Here’s why everyone’s going to go pee on Trump Tower tomorrow

This is not a drill

QUIZ: Which NYU dining hall are you?

Are you a morning Lipton or a midnight Upstein?

QUIZ: What’s your emotional intelligence IQ?

On a scale of graceful queen to petty af

Happy Not My President’s Day

Thousands of New Yorkers rally against President Trump

UPDATE: Lucian Wintrich talk to NYU College Republicans postponed

The gay conservative WH correspondent is set to discuss how America’s ‘leftist mentality stifles art and culture’

How to make money at NYU without walking dogs or working at Palladium

Just don’t tell your mom

Muslims targeted in threatening email sent to NYU Students for Justice in Palestine

The email threatened to ‘smash their collective skulls together’

How NYU are you?

On a scale of zero to Cole Sprouse

The best signs from today’s LGBTQ rally against Trump

Donald Trump: I am sorry my dear, but you are up for elimination

This NYU student’s hoodies help the Muslim refugee crisis and spread tolerance at the same time

Salam “سلام” is Arabic for peace

Jared Kushner’s NYU classmates appeal to his ‘deep sense of compassion’

He’s not winning their ‘Favorite Alumni’ award

How Shia LaBeouf’s peaceful protest turned into a Neo-Nazi shit show


Migos lead CULTURE class at NYU

They showed off stacks of cash and gave out T-shirts

QUIZ: Where to study abroad based on your food preferences

Because you’ll have to eat the food you Instagram

Baby’s first protest: The cutest little kids at NYC’s Women’s March

Today in micro-politics…

‘The election is over, but our movement has just begun’

Al Sharpton, Alec Baldwin and more rally New Yorkers against Trump

Write for us at The Tab NYU

We’re not your school newspaper

NYU enrolls more low- and middle-income students than any Ivy

We’re top four in students from the bottom 40%

These real-world women are your new feminist icons

Our role models should be more than Hollywood’s latest it-girl

Spending your birthday alone isn’t sad, it’s glorious

Treat yourself, by yourself

Drops: “Strange” by Soho (prod. by KPR)

The artists on their switch from throwing wild parties all over NYC, to pulling back and focusing on the music

Gays Against Guns lead anti-Trump caroling in USQ

‘Fie to the world, you Russian whore!’

‘Santa Caught Me (Making Love to You)’ is everyone’s new holiday anthem

By NYU Clive Davis’ Khaya Cohen and Brett Castro

What NYC school should you have really gone to?

Take our quiz and find out

NYU LOTD: Maria Belafonte and Eli Harper

‘At the end of the day, we’re all just playing dress up. So dress for yourself.’

Free food today and where to find it

Turkey, pie, and pad thai galore

I am Latina and I’m happy that Trump won

My future children have so much to look forward to

BREAKING: Inflammatory Trump signs on window at Old Town Bar on Park Ave S

They also referred to Amy Schumer as pig-like

‘New York hates you’: Thousands march on Trump Tower

‘We reject the president elect’

Columbus Circle protested the President-elect last night

‘Reject misogyny and racism, and embrace each other’

New Yorkers are #WITHHER

‘She’s had to work a thousand times harder to get where she is than any man ever has’

Meet the NYU students traveling to less blue states to vote today

‘I won’t be sitting this election out’

Madonna held a surprise gig in WSP encouraging people to vote

‘Do we want Donald Trump as our president? No!’

How @antipcnyuprof failed at promoting diversity of opinion

Maybe try not suggesting that thousands of students ‘jump out of their dorm windows’

Emails between ‘Deplorable NYU prof’ and Dean Fred Schwarzbach released

‘Your behavior is dismaying’

‘Deplorable NYU prof’ suspended for semester

He compared NYU’s decision to ‘a Salem witch trial’

DIY dorm food: Halloween bars

How to make pumpkin chocolatey s’mores brownie things

Pussy Power at Trump Tower protest grabs back

‘It’s just locker room talk until it happens to you’

Hey, Kim, don’t be surprised that someone wanted to ‘share your wealth’

Featuring Karl Lagerfeld, another man who embodies the victim-blaming mentality

NYU lotd: Teresa Wang

‘I want to be someone who can wear anything without looking forced. I don’t think I’m there yet though.’

‘I feel like fashion and style are two very different things’

LOTD: Toyosi Oyelola

NYU look of the day: Jissa Ann Vennat

‘I’ve become a lot more comfortable with mess’

A lazy girl’s in-flight beauty routine

I’ll take a face mask with my peanuts

The secrets to surviving summer in suburbia

Down the road there’s a Dairy Queen, up the block there’s a Walmart

Try these vegan makeup products to begin your cruelty-free collection

Saving animals + dope new makeup = happiness

A city girl’s camping must-haves

There’s an outlet for my Clarisonic, right?

The how-to guide for adventuring solo

Take time for you, yourself, and you

How to tell it’s time to break up with your best friend

The hardest decisions can be the healthiest in the long run

The ‘best’ relationship advice actually sucks

These ‘tips’ only create unnecessary drama

I deleted Snapchat and it felt amazing

I hated validating my existence through an app

Donald Trump’s stop in Fresno was actually pretty chill

‘I want to get into action, I’m getting a little bored’

I don’t shave because I’m brainwashed, I shave because I want to

What’s the whole feminism vs. body hair deal?

NYU look of the day: Mare Arundel

‘Buy things that aren’t trending’

The Bern was on fire in Washington Square Park last night

‘Real change occurs from the bottom on up’

NYU sounds: Nick Harris

We spoke to the musician on his latest single and the message behind his music

NYU look of the day: Walker Curtis

‘It’s a matter of putting in effort’

Hillary racks up support in NYC with Harlem rally

With mere weeks until the state’s primary, Hillary is pulling out all the stops

Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ pops up in SoHo

Yeez louise it’s a long line

NYU look of the day: Isabel Calkins

‘I’m grungy, but put-together and tasteful grungy’

NYU look of the day: Matthew Babcox

‘Find pieces that you’re absolutely in love with, and wear them until they fall apart’

NYU look of the day: Kyle Provencio Reingold

‘Cool is being unique, it’s having a voice’

Inside NYC’s Feminist Zine Fest

And its glorious sea of Lena Dunhams

How to sneak into Silver Ball (by someone who’s just done it)

Two words: open bar

A step-by-step guide to meeting celebrities in NYC

Just stay calm

We asked NYU students their thoughts on cultural appropriation

It’s hard to define, but the discussion shouldn’t be taboo

Where’s the best vegan restaurant at NYU?

Yes there’s stuff besides kale, and it’s all way better than $1 slices of dough and grease

The NYU snowstorm survival guide

How to avoid frostbite and make it all the way to finals