Jack Rivlin

Lad culture is disappearing, says uni professor

Presumably you agree

Joey Barton is arguing with freshers in Philosophy lectures

He also asks the lecturer a lot of questions

Christmas Jumper Day is just a load of bellends showing off

It has nothing to do with seasonal cheer or charity

You don’t have to be Ben Sullivan’s friend to worry the reaction is getting out of hand

Amid the open letters and calls for Union “consent workshops”, the right to a fair trial is being ignored

Topless feminists mock society initiations in bizarre library video

Nudity, spanking, milk, and dead birds – a typical society initiation (Not Safe For Library)

Ban Blurred Lines, says NUS

NUS Women’s Officers brand Robin Thicke’s hit song “offensive and dangerous”

Still no shags at uni

The Sun wanted Sex and Oxford in a headline, but there aren’t hundreds of Oxford students on shagatuni.com


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Admissions looking up for Britain’s Best Uni

An extra 1500 people applied to Durham last year, despite a massive tuition fees hike.