George Lawlor
Skill set ranges from mediocre to shit. Apologies in advance.

Consent classes at university are still a waste of time

One year on, zero consent classes later and I’m still not a rapist

I owe everything to my Grammar school education

It’s about time we brought them back

Voting for Brexit would be the greatest act of anti-establishment rebellion ever

Let’s give Westminster the long-overdue two-fingered salute

Warwick for Free Education are frauds who actually hate education

They have too much privilege to be taken seriously

The best places to cry on campus this Valentine’s Day

The lifts in the Humanities Building are ideal

If Napoleon was still in Warwick he would hang out at Kelsey’s

It’s the overlooked jewel in Leam’s crown

Studying Politics doesn’t make you a politician

Maybe we’d all pay more attention if SUs focused on stuff we actually care about

Warwick is one of the worst unis for free speech – and it’s embarrassing

The SU has to stop policing us

GBK’s colonial burger isn’t cultural appropriation, and it’s not racist either

You can’t change history by pretending it didn’t happen

Campus v Leamington v Coventry: Where’s best to live?

Let’s settle this once and for all

Why I don’t need consent lessons

They’re full of people pointing out the obvious, thinking they’ve saved the world

Despite what they say, Warwick’s SU couldn’t care less about protecting free speech

Their u-turn over Maryam Namazie only happened when the scrutiny became unbearable

Nobody realises how tough it is to be a skinny guy

You try finding a nice pair of 28 inch trousers

Nobody drinks tea anymore and it’s ruining Great Britain

‘I bet the London rioters took coffee instead of tea’

Second year is the worst year of uni

Why can’t we be freshers forever?

If you keep using apostrophe’s wrong, how are you at uni?

We’re meant to be the clever ones

I spent a weekend poking everyone on Facebook and you should too

What’s the worst that can happen?

Warwick’s league table status in danger as Coventry closes in

R.I.P. ‘Woxbridge’?

I’m sick of hiding it, I’m in love with Katie Hopkins

And no it’s not your hair

SU President, apologise for your affront on free speech

Bad kitty