Ellie Mae

Ellie Buckley

Ellie Mae
Cambridge University

Features, News, Interviews, Universities and higher education, Student lifestyle, Feminism, Selling Sunset, Taylor Swift, Food

  • Ellie's role as a writer allows her to discuss issues and topics that she passionate about, but with a platform
  • Ellie is particularly interested in feminist journalism, but also loves an interview, and writing trivial, easy-to-read opinion pieces
  • In her free time, Ellie loves to read, go on walks and runs, and spend time with her dog, who she is missing immensely while being at uni :(


Ellie joined The Tab in 2023, during her first term of university after enjoying writing for and running her sixth form newsletter. She is a student contributor, particularly contributing to features


Ellie is a first year undergraduate student reading English Literature at the University of Cambridge. She is currently undertaking papers in the 1500-1700 era, the 1850s-1930s, Shakespeare, and Practical Criticism and Critical Practise


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