Chris Blois-Brooke

REVIEWED: The History Boys

You should have watched this show.

Durham Drama Festival

The 38th Annual Durham Drama Festival is here! With lots of performances, workshops, socials, awards and more!


The Tab gets an interview with Cordelia Yeung, Producer of the controversial production “Oleanna” that opens in Durham this week.


David Myers is blown away at the Castle’s Senate Suite.

REVIEWED: The Crucible

A didactic classic done well – highly entertaining.

REVIEWED: And Then There Were None

“The whole thing is like a detective story. It’s [very almost] thrilling.”


A challenging but ultimately rewarding piece of theatre, that is as unusual as it is effective.

Reviewed: Good Grief

“A very enjoyable way to spend an hour.”

Previewed: Good Grief

The Tab chats to producer Will Hockedy about FTC’s upcoming production of Good Grief.

REVIEWED: A Streetcar Named Desire

“Harrowing, tragic and unnerving, Thrust Stage’s Streetcar really is a show to see.”

REVIEWED: Anonymous & Co.

A clever, witty musical bringing together a handful of key contributors to the literary canon, Anonymous & Co. is, very almost, a bibliophile’s dream.

Reviewed: The Dumb Waiter

Michael McLauchlan enjoys the first night of The Dumb Waiter at The Assembly Rooms.

“It’s got a deficient ballcock, that’s all.”

Preview of ‘The Dumb Waiter’ which opens at The Assembly Rooms on Thursday.

A dramatic term awaits Durham

The Tab look at what student theatre’s on at the start of this term – in the Assembly Rooms and beyond.

ALMOST cutting edge – Cut!

Cressida Peever took some time out from flyering at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe to watch Hyena Theatre Company’s ‘Cut!’.

A WILDE adventure – Salome

This summer Kronos Productions enchanted the Edinburgh Fringe with Oscar Wilde’s Salome. Daisy Cummins went to see what was drawing their audiences through the door.