Cassandra Day
Third year English Major at UCSB. Avid writer, outdoors woman, and napper. Self proclaimed hamburger connoisseur.

IV Deli owner denies accusations of racism

The accusations came after they refused service to a black man.

Fires, floods, and the flu: Can Santa Barbara catch a break??

There have been six influenza deaths in the past two weeks

Target is coming to Santa Barbara and my bank account is already crying

I have never been more excited for anything in my entire life, except maybe Walmart

We made a fire playlist for that lit party you’re throwing instead of studying for finals

Obviously ‘Burnin’ Up’ is included

Prank calls made to sorority by man claiming to be Elliot Rodger’s brother

He said he wanted to ‘finish what Elliot started’

How President Trump’s proposed tax plan will affect college students now and in the future

For those of you who are just as confused as I am

UCSB no longer top ten party school in The Princeton Review

Two years ago we were top three

Models shaking up the industry you definitely need to be following

Because fuck your beauty standards

Girls share the strangest ways they learned about sex

‘Eight-year-old me had an obsession with finding out what type of animals had penises’

UCSB ranks in the top 50 best bang-for-your-buck schools

Guess who didn’t make this list

Milo Yiannopoulos’s advice to College Republicans: ‘Keep laughing, because progressives are ridiculous’

Although ‘laughter and war is my motto’ may or may not be the best way to live your life, to each their own

Burning books, hijabi strippers and Hillary in a dunk tank: A Dangerous liaison in New York with Milo Yiannopoulos

You could not make this up

All the best ways Chancellor Yang could spend his $400k a year salary

Ever wonder how much weed Chancellor Yang could buy?

What exactly is going on with the UCSB bathrooms?

Urine for a surprise

Students demanding boycott of Giovanni’s Pizza after alleged racist incident

Their Facebook rating is down to 2.3 stars

Students Supporting Israel artwork vandalized twice in five days

It is unclear at this point who is responsible for the graffiti

UCSB students meeting with chancellor after May Day protest

They want the full funding of the UC system

UC has ‘secret’ $175 million in reserve while hiking up your tuition

‘I’ve never had a situation like that in my 17 years as state auditor’

AS Presidential Candidate Nawar Nemeh cornered by ‘Concerned Gaucho’

‘Your student fees go to my party bus’

Santa Barbara is getting its first ever cat café

I am not even kitten you right meow

UCSB student found dead by Campus Point

‘Everything he did, he did with a smile’

Look at the Santa Barbara estate Ellen DeGeneres is selling

It is definitely worth more than your student loans

UCSB officially smokes the most weed in the entire US

U Can Study Baked

If the UCs had Tinder

Because we’re only interested in one thing

UCSB’s Elote Man has gone viral after accepting Venmo payments instead of cash

He knows we don’t have pocket change

‘It’s not ok to hit people, they teach you that in kindergarten’: The skateboarder tackled in the Arbor speaks out

She had to post a $2500 bail

UCSB alum gets a lifetime ban from Tinder after bombarding woman with sexist and racist insults

Apparently she was taking too long to respond to his messages

‘Deeply concerned’ UCSB student tackled by police after skateboarding on the Arbor

The video shows her being slammed to the ground and arms forced behind her back