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Carolina Coffee Shop is up for sale

The restaurant could change with new ownership

Luke Maye got a well-deserved standing ovation in his 8am class

Now you have no excuses

These are some of the most influential women at UNC

There are so many more, but here are just some of the highlights

This flyer encouraging violence against Trump supporters was found on UNC’s campus

Students received an email from Chancellor Carol Folt

Submit your anonymous love letter to fellow Tar Heels today in our crush box

part of Crushes, chocolates & condoms on The Quad

We asked a lawyer at UNC if getting hit by a bus means the university pays your tuition

Let’s settle this once and for all

There’s a 40% chance of snow, so UNC should just cancel classes now

Will classes get canceled? Probably not, so finish your homework.

UNC quarterback Mitch Trubisky declares for NFL draft

‘But no matter what happens next, I know I’ll never experience something as special as being a Tar Heel.’

Sometimes smaller games are better

I love my Duke games but small games are great too, Roy

The official Thanksgiving 2016 drinking game

‘Every time someone asks about your relationship status–chug’

How to have Friendsgiving in a dorm

Yes, the kitchen is small. Yes, all the appliances are from 2002. But that doesn’t have to ruin the day.

Is it just me or is everyone at UNC from Charlotte?

At least we all have good taste

The best Obama quotes for all your political posts

From today’s UNC rally came a lot of good one-liners from the man in the Oval Office

Your guide to Heeloween

How to not spend too much time at Time Out

Meet the Bojangles’ fan with a tattoo of a Cajun filet biscuit

People would see it and say, ‘What is that, a hot dog?’

If midterm season were like football season

From pregaming to tailgating to game time

We tried the best chicken biscuits near Chapel Hill

Winner, winner, chicken… breakfast

We asked Tar Heels about their bucket lists

Partying with Joel Berry is a must

An ode to Davis Library

We can’t forget about the streakers

The dos and don’ts of Carolina football

DO take shots, DON’T take shots by yourself

North Carolina goes wild for Bill at Clinton campaign stop

We shook his hand and it was everything we hoped it would be

Football season is really just tailgate season at UNC

Let’s face it, UNC is really only known for one sport and football isn’t it

Every thought you have going back to UNC

When does basketball season start?

Back to school dorm ads look nothing like dorms at UNC

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones in Granville

New NC bill allows police body cam footage to stay secret

Governor Pat McCrory signed HB 972 saying police footage is no longer on public record

I asked my mom what it’s like to be the female president of a company

Cue Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’

Here’s a definitive list of everything Trump hates on Twitter

There’s a lot

We asked a cybersecurity expert if Hillary could get indicted

‘She acted irresponsibly and withheld information’

Life in the QC: The best things about growing up in Charlotte, NC

The Queen City, the QC, the 704 and the ‘home of the dab’

2016 college graduates are the ‘luckiest in a decade’

They have a better chance of getting jobs and keeping them

How to network like a boss

It’s all about who the people you know know, you know?

What I miss most about UNC while I’m studying abroad

Don’t worry, we still get Alert Carolina texts about tornadoes

Your guide to dorm cooking

You can call mom and tell her you cooked something healthy all by yourself

UNC dining hall food vs. food at your house

At home, you don’t have to fight for a seat like you do in Lenoir at lunchtime

Everyone you’ll definitely run into during break

What was their name again?

Meet Alexandra Reinhold, the Carolina senior with a four-year-old daughter

She stays busy with classes and extracurriculars – and being a mom

CUAB hosts annual gingerbread house building competition

‘Holiday Fun Fest’ just sounds like a good time

We asked how UNC feels about Marcus Paige’s return tonight

‘It’s good we have our best player back otherwise we wouldn’t be winning’

What will get you through exam season?

‘Tears and friends…in that order’

We asked what you’re most thankful for at UNC

We’re obviously all thankful for Alpine bagels

The finest bathroom graffiti at UNC

Some inspiration while you pee

The types of professors you’ll encounter at UNC

Beware the TA who ‘DEFINITELY knows more than you’

We’re playing Temple tonight, but no one has ever heard of them

‘Oh, are they Jewish?’

We asked Uber drivers to review us

‘This girl wanted me to stop and get her Bojangles, and she wanted me to pay for it’

I went undercover (again) to see what Duke really thinks about UNC

‘UNC definitely goes harder’

A UNC Northerner gives her perspective on the South

‘I knew there would be a lot of rednecks’

I went undercover to ask NC State students what they thought about UNC

‘Tailgating with wine and cheese and being really boring around a fireplace’

A Tar Heel’s guide to the NC State Fair

Fried errrthing