A club in Bristol is going to play ‘Africa’ by Toto on repeat all night long

We went to the relaunch of Lizard Lounge and asked people what they thought

‘Honestly it’s like an orgasm but better, like ten times better’

Inside the £2m mansion the St Andrews billionaire fresher and staff are said to be living in

Where else do you house a butler?

University staff asked people what gender they were as they entered Sheffield SU gender-neutral toilet

The university has issued an apology over the incident

Cardiff fresher died of a caffeine overdose in halls, inquest hears

Marty Dragonova died in May after consuming a lethal amount of caffeine

Friend of Joana Burns could go to jail for supplying the MDMA that caused her death

Joana Burns died after taking a quarter of a gram on her final night out as a student

Before the fillers: The Only Way is Essex’s most dramatic transformations

Since when did Gemma have brown hair?!

NUS committee member resigns after saying ‘Israel policy similar to Nazi policy’

He previously said he would not resign following allegations of antisemitism

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