This is how many hours UConn students spend studying for finals

Let the all-nighters, gallons of RedBull, and stress beyond belief commence!

Police investigate ‘KKK’ written on flier at UConn-Stamford campus

UConn officials are calling a defaced billiards club flier as a bias incident, the school told students in an email

UConn chapter of Delta Gamma to shut down indefinitely following policy violations and death of Jeffny Pally

The Epsilon Pi sorority chapter of Delta Gamma has been at UConn for 34 years and has initiated over 1,000 women

UConn is one of the most sexually active colleges in the country, according to recent survey

We’re gettin’ busy, real busy

Multiple wheel thefts and car break-ins reported at UConn

‘UConn police actually told me I was the fifth car to get hit’

Parents of UConn student Jeffny Pally sues firefighter in connection to her death

Jeffny Pally was fatally struck by a UConn fire department vehicle in October

‘Frat Lives Matter’ written on spirit rock after Kappa Sig brothers arrested in connection to death of UConn student

Six students were arrested for distributing alcohol to 19-year-old Jeffny Pally on the night she died

Six UConn students arrested in connection to death of Jeffny Pally

Jeffny Pally was struck by a fire department vehicle in October

This UConn student found a brownie in the library and tried to find its owner

‘I would lose sleep over the guilt and shame of eating another person’s brownie’

The girls with the viral fuckboy Halloween costume are looking for a housemate

Fuckboys need not apply

UConn student finds note saying ‘All chinks should be raped’ with swastika drawing

They found the note on Tuesday night

Students at UConn Stamford gather for peaceful anti-Trump rally

Students want their voices heard

UConn students reflect on the reality of President Trump

Not everyone is happy with the President elect

UConn gathers to support undocumented students

‘Donald Trump is not my president’

Snow has fallen on campus before Halloween

Unprepared students are wearing T-shirts

A ‘heroic’ squirrel caused the campus-wide power outage today

Goodnight sweet prince

BREAKING: UConn buildings out of power after ‘downed’ power line causes hazardous situation

Classes are canceled

Anti-Trump notes left on UConn Trump supporter’s truck

They also keyed his car

BREAKING: Classes canceled after fire in Torrey Life Sciences

The fire has now been extinguished