UConn chapter of Delta Gamma to shut down indefinitely following policy violations and death of Jeffny Pally

The Epsilon Pi sorority chapter of Delta Gamma has been at UConn for 34 years and has initiated over 1,000 women

The Delta Gamma fraternity council made a tough decision to shut down the Epsilon Pi sorority chapter following repeated policy violations over the last few years, and, most importantly, the death of new member Jeffny Pally in October.

“The tragic death of a new member greatly affected Delta Gamma Fraternity and caused Council to reflect on the member experience at Epsilon Pi,” said Fraternity President Stacia Skoog.

Jeffny Pally, 19, was coming back from a fraternity party early in the morning of October 16 when she sat down against a garage bay door at the UConn Public Safety Complex. The door opened and Pally fell back onto the ground before a fire department Chevy Tahoe drove over her. She was found dead at 2:48 a.m., with her death being classified as an accident. Pally’s blood alcohol level was “three times the legal limit,” according to NBC Connecticut.

“New information discovered during a recently university investigation into an unregistered event, coupled with repeated policy violations over the last several years, led Council to the decision to close the chapter indefinitely,” wrote Delta Gamma in a statement.

The death of Pally also had an effect on the Kappa Sigma fraternity, as six members were arrested in February and charged with multiple accounts that includes permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol and sale or delivery to minors. These students were found responsible of providing alcohol to Pally and others at the fraternity party she was on her way home from the night she died.

“The decision to close a chapter is never easy, but Council strongly feels it is in the best interest of the chapter and University of Connecticut community.” said Fraternity President Stacia Skoog.

University of Connecticut