UConn sophomore fatally struck by fire department vehicle

Jeffny Pally, 19, died early Sunday morning

19-year-old UConn student, Jeffny Pally, died during the early Sunday morning when she was struck by a fire department vehicle.

Pally had been leaning against the bay door of the UConn fire department at around 1:15am, when the doors opened after an emergency call, which caused Pally to fall back. The fire truck responding to the emergency accidentally drove over Pally and killed her.

Pally was a member of Delta Gamma and from West Hartford, having graduated from Hall High School in 2015. She was majoring in allied health and worked as a Resident Assistant on campus.

If anyone has any more information about what Pally was doing before the incident, please call the UConn Police Department at 860-486-4800.

Students seeking support can contact the university Counseling and Mental Health Services at 860-486-4705.

More information to follow.

University of Connecticut