Six UConn students arrested in connection to death of Jeffny Pally

Jeffny Pally was struck by a fire department vehicle in October

Six University of Connecticut students were arrested by Connecticut State Police in connection with the death of UConn student, Jeffny Pally, back in October, WFSB reports.

The 19-year-old was struck by a university fire department vehicle as she was sitting on the ground outside the fire station on North Eagleville Road. The vehicle was responding to a call that turned out to be a false alarm.

The six students arrested were Patrick Callahan of Mansfield, Mathew Moll of Mansfield, Austin Custodio of New York, Dominci Godi of Bolton, Dylan Morose of Mansfield, and Jonathan Polansky of Massachusetts, WFSB reports.

Callahan, Morose, and Moll, who were the hosts of the party that Pally attended, were charged with eight counts of permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol, according to the arrest warrant. Custodio was charged with the sale or delivery of alcohol to minors after he was accused of buying the alcohol for the party. Godi, the social chairman of the fraternity, was charged with conspiracy to commit sale or delivery of alcohol to a minor after delivering the alcohol to the party. Polansky, who was on the lease of the house where the party occured, was charged with eight counts of permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol.

Police issued warrants for the students after an investigation revealed that Pally had been drinking at an off-campus party at the Kappa Sigma fraternity on 51 Baxter Road and had a blood alcohol content of 0.25, three times more than the legal limit, according the arrest warrant.

Some of the students arrested admitted to having a party, but having a bouncer at the door checking identification and handing out wristbands to people over 21 who could drink. However, eyewitness accounts claimed that they were not checking people’s identification or giving out wristbands.

All six men have been released on bail and will appear in court on March 8th.

UConn police denied a comment.

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