Multiple wheel thefts and car break-ins reported at UConn

‘UConn police actually told me I was the fifth car to get hit’

Multiple tire thefts and car break-ins have been reported at the University of Connecticut. Most of the cars effected have been Hondas, according to several posts on the Facebook group UConn Buy or Sell.

Manav Purti, a UConn senior and the owner of a now without-wheels 2014 Honda Accord Sport told The Tab UConn he “was the fifth car to get hit.”

Manav, UConn senior and total car guy.

Manav was aggravated about the theft to say the least. He said: “The timing couldn’t be any worse since it was mid-term week and I found out about it the day I had a test.”

When asked if he had any words for the thieves, he responded to their actions with fiery passion. “Don’t you dare think we’re just going to let this go, karma will come back to you and you will be caught!”

Rhea Sindvani, A UConn junior, had her 2016 Honda Accord broken into last night at Hilltop Apartments.

“I took (the key to)¬†the wheel locks out after hearing about the first night of thefts as a precaution,” she told The Tab UConn. This small act on Rhea’s part made the difference between a smashed window and a ride without wheels.

Rhea’s car (left), damaged but still with wheels.


Most of the thefts have occurred in the Hilltop Apartments area of Storrs, but there have been reports of activity elsewhere. Kate Nogler, a UConn sophomore we spoke with reported seeing “at least three big dudes wearing bandanas on their faces and sunglasses, dressed in all black” attempting to steal tires in the lot behind D.P. Dough. Kate called 911 but the would-be thieves fled before they police arrived.

UConn police told The Tab UConn they are actively investigating these incidents.

If you see any attempted car break-ins or wheel-jackings, call UConn Police at (860) 486-4800. If your car was effected by the recent wave of theft and you would like to speak out, contact us on Facebook at The Tab UConn.

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