This is how many hours UConn students spend studying for finals

Let the all-nighters, gallons of RedBull, and stress beyond belief commence!

Finals week is the week from hell. Students spend all week cramming an entire semester worth of knowledge into their brain in the hopes of passing their classes.

According to a Tab survey of 3,000 students who self-reported their study habits, UConn is ranked 35th for the number of hours spent a day studying for finals with an average of 7.8 hours.

The difference between UConn and the top five schools was pretty big with UConn’s old conference rival averaging 5 hours more a day in study time — Syracuse topped the list with an average of 13 hours a day.

Princeton came second with 12.5 hours and Tulane trailed behind with 12.3 a day, 4 hours more than UConn. Bucknell and Brown spend about the same number of hours a day with an average of 11.5 and 11.2 a day.

University of Connecticut