UConn is one of the most sexually active colleges in the country, according to recent survey

We’re gettin’ busy, real busy

A recent survey has found the University of Connecticut to be the 17th most sexually active student body in the country.

Roughly 2,000 current and former students were surveyed across the U.S., for a look at the inner workings of the college experience. This survey also concluded the average number of sexual partners, intimate exposure, and use of protection among college students.

UConn earned honorable mention in 17th place, averaging 4.2 sexual partners per student, while Temple University topped the ranking, averaging 10.8 sexual partners.


College is known to be the time everyone explores their sexuality. Some students arrive at campus more ready to experiment than others. Surveyors noted the complexities and responsibilities among sexually active college students.

The survey states, “For every 13 sexual partners you sleep with, those partners would have been exposed to a similar amount of intercourse – so you, plus twelve others (on average). This means that even though you may have only slept with 13 people, you’re indirectly exposed to over 150 sexual partners.” That’s a lot of people, but then again college is a time to meet others and get to know yourself.

In contrast, the survey offered some relief to the number of ‘exposure partners.’ Nearly 40 percent of respondents said they “always” use condoms. Woo! Responsibility!


Unfortunately, contraceptive use is still lower than expected. Let’s hope UConn’s student body has a higher rate.

College is a time for exploring, finding yourself and others, maybe yourself in others. If tonight wasn’t your night at Ted’s or Husky’s, do not worry, the stats prove you’ll get lucky soon.

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