UConn gathers to support undocumented students

‘Donald Trump is not my president’

Students, documented and undocumented, gathered today near Gampel Pavillion to protest the policies of our newly minted President-elect, Donald Trump.

Students petitioned the administration to release an official statement, by November 11 at 5pm, supporting undocumented students and to also formulate a policy to address the potential deportation of UConn students by December 1.

The group made its way to Wilbur Cross

The group made its way to Wilbur Cross

Students stood up for the rights of undocumented students, specifically protesting his promise to “Move criminal aliens out ” and “begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border on his first day in office”.

We spoke to some students at the rally in order to find out why they were assembling.

Daniel Jones


“I’m here because I do not support Donald Trump, and he is not my president. He is for all the wrong things, the things we need to stand against as a country”

Imani Jean-Giloes


“I’m a little numb to it all, but right now I know there is going to be a change. I know that whatever is going to happen is beyond everything that they’ve ever thought…the pot is over boiled now, and we’re pretty much the steam”

Holden Powell

“I’m very proud of the students who are here today to speak their truths, however, at the same time I’m very sad at the way the structure of America is at this point, where we are, and the reasons that we’re here. I can only hope that there will be a moment of progression”

The students who gathered today in solidarity embody the characteristics of the ideal UConn student: able to stand up for what they believe in, even if others aren’t so adamant about it.

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