Snow has fallen on campus before Halloween

Unprepared students are wearing T-shirts

Winter has officially arrived at UConn in October. Students are kicking off Halloweekend with a 3-inch (so far) dusting of thick wet snow. Storrs has decided to skip fall altogether and head straight into winter. The pre-Halloween snowstorm has some students dreading the rest of the snowy season, while others are ready to go drunk sledding on Horsebarn Hill (we do not recommend this).

The bushes covered in snow outside of Oak Hall. Photo credit: Sydney Jennings

Outside Oak Hall

As snow falls, students reminisce on prior UConn snow experiences. “There’s nothing like trudging through knee-deep ice and snow on the sidewalk, I’ve missed it all summer,” said Michela Sguera, a senior who’s suffered through three winters thus far.


This snowy Thursday¬†also brings back memories of our snow removal issues. “Susan Herbst is probably making plans of not shoveling or plowing the entire campus and not canceling classes either,” said Kayla Hodges, a senior who lives off-campus. “Last year there were multiple occasions where I couldn’t get to class because of the snow and classes were not cancelled, nor was I excused.”

Some sad students walking to class in the snow. Photo credit: Sydney Jennings

Students cry their way to class on this snowy afternoon

Freshman all over campus are taking Instagram-worthy snow pictures while upperclassmen are preparing to skip class altogether until it stops snowing.

Don’t forget to whip out your best winter coat to wear over your Halloween costume tonight.




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