The girls with the viral fuckboy Halloween costume are looking for a housemate

Fuckboys need not apply

Two girls took this Halloween by storm when they dressed up as fuckboys. They printed out shirts covered in real-life texts they had gotten from fuckboys and became an internet sensation.

Now, our favorite UConn girls are looking for a housemate.

Lexi Fragola, along with two of their friends, are looking for a roommate for their Hilltop apartment while Jessica Zharnest is studying abroad.

The girls posted on the UConn Buy or Sell Wednesday night, eagerly searching for a girl to take the place of Jessica while she studies abroad next fall semester.

The perks:

  • Getting to live with one the famous “fuck boys.” You get to live with an internet sensation!
  • Getting to live with their adorable puppy, Sophie.

Who WOULDN’T want to live with this little one?

  • Getting to live in the gorgeous Hilltop apartments

The requirements:

  • Must be graduating in either Fall 2017 or studying abroad during the Spring 2018 semester.

Applicants interested can message the girls on Facebook.

It’s pretty obvious, but fuckboys need not apply.

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