UConn holds morning exams even though it’s a blizzard outside

Thanks, Susan

One lovely perk about going to school in the middle of the North East means that finals usually fall right around the same time mother nature decides she wants a white Christmas.

This season is no different, with students waking up for Saturday morning exams to a blanket of snow outside their windows. Gone are the days of turning on the news and hoping to see “Your School: Closed” and getting to stay home for a snow day, and in are the days of you trying to figure out how much you value your life over going to a final.

UConn tried to be prepared this season, sending out an email late Friday morning stating that the opening of the Storrs campus would be delayed until 10 am, and all 8 am exams would be pushed back to Sunday at 8 am.

Unfortunately yet again, UConn has only accounted for part of the student body. While they did account for the students needing to get to school for 8 am exams, they did not account for students needing to get to campus for their 10:30 am exams.


Commuters have been facing oncoming snow, slick roads, and treacherous highway conditions to try and get to campus on time for their exams. All because the administration decided to not account for the fact that there is not much of a difference between 8 am and 10:30 am.


Commuters are still expected to drive through the unplowed highways and roads to try and get to their exams on time. Many have reported cars being perpendicular on 1-91, and extremely dangerous driving conditions.

Many have tried contacting the administration for answers, but have gotten nothing in return but unanswered phone calls. It is disheartening to see that the university is not taking a stand when it comes to the safety of their students. If you wish to contact President Herbst, the President’s line is (860) 486-2337. Stay safe out there, Huskies.

University of Connecticut