This UConn student found a brownie in the library and tried to find its owner

‘I would lose sleep over the guilt and shame of eating another person’s brownie’

A photo of a brownie was posted to the UConn Buy and Sell Facebook group yesterday with the headline “FOUND.” The brownie was found by UConn sophomore Kelly Gorman in Homer Babbidge Library while she was studying.

“I sat down at an open table and the brownie was just sitting there vulnerable.” Kelly said, referring to the baked treat tenderly. Kelly decided “the brownie needed to be reunited with its rightful owner,” so she posted the picture in search of them.

As with any lost thing that has recently been found, there were plenty of people coming out of the woodwork trying to claim it as their own.

“A lot of people reached out to me claiming the brownie was theirs but I knew they weren’t telling the truth,” said Kelly. Healthy skepticism, there is nothing wrong with that.


The brownie was treated with respect and dignity, with Kelly holding the true owner’s hunger above her own.

” I never ate the brownie. It would have felt wrong. It would have weighed heavily on my conscience. I would lose sleep over the guilt and shame of eating another person’s brownie.”

Kelly later admitted that she actually hates brownies and that she “ate a cookie 10 minutes prior so ya I didn’t [want] the brownie lol.”

You may be asking “who hates brownies?” Kelly hates brownies, but she still had the heart to help a confectionary in need.

The brownie’s packaging revealed that it was a gluten-free treat from one of UConn’s many dining halls, reserved for those with gluten allergies ONLY.

“I am a huge fan of the gluten-free baked goods at UConn. My personal favorite is the gluten free sugar cookie. Not that I take them from the gluten free fridge every day or anything.” Kelly insisted on not commenting further on the gluten-free fridge after revealing her casual thievery.

Several hours after Kelly found the brownie she revealed that she had left it on the third floor of the library for anyone to take. When asked whether she believed it might be stolen or thrown away, she offered the following soliloquy: “Truthfully, I think people are generally good and will leave the brownie until the rightful owner realizes it is missing and retrieves it. I’ll sleep well tonight knowing my Facebook post may have raised awareness for this.”

Folks, we may never know the fate of the brownie, but Kelly Gorman seems quite set on the fact that it will be okay. During finals week its not uncommon to lose things: your notes from two months ago, your Gluten-Free brownie, your mind, etc.

Good luck to all of the Huskies out there, the test-takers, the coffee-drinkers, and even the stress-criers…break will be here soon enough and you will be okay…just like the brownie.

University of Connecticut