Every college where there have been killer clown ‘sightings’

But are any of them real?

In the last couple of days, it feels like every college in America has had a “sighting” of “killer clowns”.

From big schools like Syracuse and Penn State, to small schools like Bucknell, it appears no-one is safe from the social media outcry.

Starting with nothing more than a tweet or a hazy picture, the furore quickly develops into a full blown panic that takes over campus at least for a couple of hours.

How the “killer clowns” craze spread across American colleges

October 3rd

11:07 – Clowns reportedly headed to UDel

22:52 – Clowns reported at Syracuse

23:17 – Clowns reported at UMass Amherst

00:17 – Clowns spotted at the University of Illinois

00:36 – An alleged clown sighting at UConn discovered to be hoax

October 4th

08:12 – Clowns reported at JMU, later confirmed to be a hoax

11:12 – Clowns reported at Villanova

11:13 – A campus alert was issued in Arizona about the clowns, it was found later to be false.

12:12 – Social media reporting Clowns might head to Bucknell

13:22 – Clowns reported at IU

14:07 – Clowns reported at Cornell

17:37 – Clowns reported at the University of Oregon

18:10 – Clowns reported at the University of Iowa

October 5th

09:12 – Clowns reported at the University of Florida

09:27 – Creepy clown allegedly assaults a student at Texas state

10:33 – Creepy clowns reported at Michigan State