‘Killer clown’ has come to the University of Delaware

‘On our way to Wilmington’

Rumors of “Killer Clown” sightings have been spreading through the UD community like wild fire. These ominous clowns made their Instagram debut with a post captioned, “On our way to Wilmington, DE,” just 35 minutes north of UD Campus.

This news has been startling students campus wide. Many students are staying on lock down in both on and off campus housing. Other students are taking a more adventurous alternative and embarking on “clown hunts,” hoping to spot the famous crew.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a comment from the University Campus Police and the Newark Police Department. According to students (who wish to remain anonymous),  there have been 12 reports pertaining to these mysterious clowns. Allegedly, the group is a clown cult, and they have made a threat. It is unclear if this threat was made specifically towards the UD community.

One clown was spotted at the Newark Cemetery, about a three minute walk from the UDs social scene, Main St. As of now, one clown may have been captured. One is said to be meandering on North Campus.

It is recommended to stay in groups and keep away from unlit paths. Please call Newark Police Department to report any related sightings.  (302) 366-7111. 

University of Delaware