Bucknell students either frightened or skeptical after nationwide ‘killer clown’ hysteria

They’ve been ‘spotted’ in 32 states so far

All around America, clowns have arrived on college campuses, terrorizing the students – but we still haven’t seen them at Bucknell.

There’ve been sightings at Penn State, UDel, UMass, Syracuse, JMU and UConn. So far, the clowns have arrived in 32 states. The police have¬†begun to make arrests, but at present it’s unclear who they are or where they’re coming from.

University of Delaware sighting

The clowns have yet to come to Bucknell, but students are still either upset or scared of the possibility.

Julia Silverstein, 18, Undeclared, said: “I don’t see what the point of it is besides to create unnecessary concern throughout their community.”

Ashley Vecchio, 18, Environmental Studies said:¬†“I find it extremely shocking they’re in my town because it’s a really small town. You’d usually assume these attacks would be in some big sketchy city. I’m nervous for Halloween because I feel like there’s going to be difficulty distinguishing trick or treating clowns with these offenders”.

Other students have said they would lock themselves in their rooms if the clowns came, and some are afraid to go home for fall break, having heard that the clowns are in their hometowns.

Bucknell University