Clown sightings reported on Syracuse’s campus

‘I’m scared to go outside’

Several clown sightings have been reported around the country, including upstate NY. Multiple students have reported seeing clowns tonight across the Syracuse University campus.

DPS told The Tab that all reports right now are rumors. At least 13 reports of clown sightings have been reported tonight.

One incident, reported by multiple students, was a man being chased down Stratford Street tonight. The student claims he broke his laptop after throwing his backpack on the ground to run away. DPS had to drive him out of the area.

Shortly after, there was another report of a clown sighting on Sumner. Most recently, sightings of clowns on South Campus are also being reported. One student told DPS a clown tried to open her door on Chinook.

Sophomore Meg Vassar told The Tab her and her roommate “heard the door handle turn” after her and some friends had been texting about the clowns on campus.

She then proceeded to run upstairs, where she then “looked out the window and saw him turn around the corner.”

Five DPS officers were outside her apartment on Chinook on South Campus.

DPS has not yet released a full statement but they have been seen patrolling Main and South Campus.

For those who feel unsafe, DPS is willing to give rides to anyone who may need it.

DPS has now denied any existence of clowns on campus.

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