Breaking: There was allegedly a creepy clown sighting at JMU last night

A mob of students attempted to hunt the clown down with baseball bats

We all like to think of JMU as the safest place we can be, but what about when something scary actually happens? How do students handle it? Like for instance, when clowns come into town…

Last night, a creepy clown was allegedly spotted on campus and students fled from their dorms with baseball bats and formed a hunting mob. Several students posted videos and pictures to Twitter as the events unfolded.

The clown was chased around campus as various squads of “hunters” found him/her. As to who the clown actually was and why they were here we don’t yet know. But I guess this is one way to ring in the Halloween season.

And at least it’s comforting to know that when something scary happens on campus, JMU students band together to protect themselves.

Rumors have circulated as to the arrest of the clown, but this information has not been confirmed.

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