Trans Awareness Week returns to campus


Week 4 sees the return of Trans Awareness Week at the University of York.

YUSU’s LGBTQ Network and Trans* Convenors have put together a week of events for students and staff at the university to get involved in, and hope to dispel some of the misunderstanding around being trans*. The events are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Monday: Being Trans* – PT/005 at 7.30pm

A panel discussion featuring speakers from the local area, hoping to explain what it’s like to be trans* in the UK. The audience will be able to ask questions following a short introduction from the panellists.

Tuesday: Beyond the Binary/Talking to Trans* People – V/045 at 5.30pm

This talk, lead by YUSU Trans* Convenor Lucas North, will look at the range of trans* identities and will feature a 101 guide to interacting with trans* people.

Wednesday: Feminist Society Talk “Transgender Identities and the Fluidity of Privilege” – PT006 at 8pm

A FemSoc committee member will be talking about privilege in trans* spaces, and how we all, especially trans-masculine or non-binary people, gain and lose privilege throughout their lives.

Thursday: All Day Fundraiser – Vanbrugh/Greg’s Place from 11am

Volunteers will be selling cakes, chocolate, and other small items to raise money for Action for Trans Health throughout the day.

Friday: Being Trans* at York – PT006 at 6.30pm

The Monday panel returns, this time with students and looking specifically at what it’s like to be a trans* student at the University of York.

Throughout the week, YUSU LGBTQ will be raising money for Action for Trans Health – the UK’s only group campaigning for democratic trans healthcare.

You can donate online at

More info about the week’s events can be found here.