York is one of the best UK tourist destinations

Stone Roses was named as one of the top attractions

According to TripAdvisor, York is one of the top ten tourist locations alongside Blackpool and Torquay. 

As the seventh best location in the UK, York has won a Travellers’ Choice Award thanks to its vast historical heritage coupled with its cheap hotel rates. London, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Llandudno have also won awards following the TripAdvisor ratings.

With the average cost of a room in York being significantly cheaper than in London, it is easy to enjoy the city and its experiences whilst still being able to budget.

The top three attractions on the site

Cities were chosen based on the quality and quantity of reviews on the TripAdvisor website across hotels, restaurants and attractions, as well as booking interest. The information was gathered over a 12 month period worldwide, before the creators of the site determined the winners.