What’s your party trick?

We asked people at a house party

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We all have a party trick we regret cracking out after a few too many drinks.

So we went to a party, naturally, and got some York students to show us their party tricks. They were pretty filthy.

Ellie, Social Policy, third year

“I can make my eye go lazy.”

Are you sure you aren’t just drunk?

Ciarán, Philosophy, third year

“Always having the smallest penis in the room.”

This one’s just sad.

Sarah, History and Politics, third year

“I can’t talk about it.”

Sam, Politics, third year

“Sam Dargue dancing, everyone loves it.”

He did a short demonstration, which we won’t comment on.

Dave, Electronics, third year

“It’s all about the fingers.”

And we thought it was all about your tiny room?

Matt, Psychology, third year

“Sucking dick.”

Your secret is definitely safe with us mate.

Sharon, Chemistry, third year

“I can break my nose.”

After a few drinks this felt like both the best thing and most terrifying thing we had ever seen.

Jack, Music Technology and Applied Electronics, third year


He proceeded to stick a wine bottle down his throat. Probably could have gone for something with a bit more girth tbh.

Sarah, Psychology, third year

“Errrrrrr…… THE BRIDGE.”

She didn’t even show us.

Jim, Economics and Finance, first year

“I can quote every line of Pretty Woman.”

Sadly we didn’t have the time to test this one out.