Weekends on campus aren’t as bad as they seem

They’re not a dull and pointless time void until Monday

Staying in bed hungover all day and watching Netflix is fun, but surely you can do better?

During the week, campus is so busy that you never queue for less than 2 hours in Nisa and the £10 notes in the cash machines run out within about 0.53 seconds. However, at around 4pm on Friday afternoon through to Monday morning, it becomes a desolate and dull place for all students living in halls of residence.

With scary locals occupying the town at night, and procrastination occupying the time during the day, there seems to be few things to do on campus during the weekend to keep us entertained.

Here’s are a few idea on how to beat those weekend blues at uni.

Duck Spotting

From screaming outside our accommodation at 6am to hissing and charging at us when trying to cross a bridge – how dare we? – and generally constantly inconveniencing our daily lives, it is not surprising that the University of York has the highest duck density – yes that is a real thing – out of any university in the UK.

However, given the hassle the 25 species of ducks and geese cause, they also provide a charming presence on campus, making the York Uni experience unique, not to mention the unbearable cuteness that comes with this season’s ducklings.

Though perhaps not for the easily bored, duck spotting can be an invigorating activity to waste time on the weekends.

Can you find the illusive single black swan? Or witness any duck vs. goose fights? (They’re hilarious trust me). If you dare, you could even try and get close and personal with the animals; I once heard that a friendly coot named Keith was partial to Frosties fed to him from an accommodation kitchen window…

Campus artwork

Our campus isn’t beautiful or picturesque. The buildings are unlikely to appear on Instagram with a Valencia filter, unlike other Oxford, Durham or Royal Holloway.Our campus is not in any way renowned for it’s beauty. Central Hall, what were they thinking?

But, for what it lacks in architectural charm, it attempts to make up for in equally contemporary, industrial and sculpture installations.

If you want to see a heap of scrap metal arranged in an obscure way on top of a hill, or a holey metal stick posing under the guise of modern art then this is the place for you!

Why not take a walk around and play the game – art or old discarded submarine parts?

Get Day Drunk

Instead of using alcohol as a source of fun when going for nights out, why not try getting day drunk instead? With 2 litres of White Strike on sale in Nisa for £2.89 along with many other bargain beverages, you’ll be sure to find that this cheap and fun alternative to boredom will make your day much more enjoyable.

Whether it’s the novelty of being intoxicated during sunlight hours, or the ridiculous events that can occur when you’re not preoccupied by pulling in Kuda, being day drunk is an experience each student needs to achieve at least once. Other perks include passing out at 7pm and not being hungover the next day.

Top tip: Drinking in and around the gardens at Heslington Hall, or under the guise of a picnic adds an illusion of class.

Join a Society

Most of you probably didn’t even know that the Medieval Society hold re-enactments every Sunday morning on Vanbrugh bowl. What have you been doing with your lives?

Of course, dressing as a bloke in armour from hundreds of years ago, running around with a fake sword may not seem like everyone’s cup of tea. But from skydiving to bell ringing, there are over 200 societies to get involved in.

If committing so a society really isn’t your thing, keep an eye out for one off events on campus over the weekend run by various societies and charities. One well loved example of this is Nuzzlets, where you can go to cuddle cute animals including chickens kittens and bunny rabbits to reduce stress!

Spend Quality Time with friends

However cheesy this may sound, it’s often forgotten how important and enjoyable spending time with uni friends can be. The people we meet and spend time with here are mainly responsible for our happiness, so we may as well relish it, especially when their rooms are a 2 second walk from ours.

Consider corridor cricket, a high school musical movie marathon or flat come dine with me as fun ways to spend time with your friends over the weekend. Failing that, a two-hour conversation following the week’s occurrences in Willow, usually keeps the boredom at bay.

Actually leave campus

We have one of the most beautiful and historic towns in the UK right on our doorstep. York is a cultural hub filled to the brim with informative and interesting museums (the National Railway Museum is far better than it sounds), cute independent shops and suave bars, (including Johnny Depp’s favourite, Evil Eye no less), giving everyone something to enjoy.

Even if it’s just for the (incredible) free samples at The Fudge Kitchen, a day trip into town is always well appreciated.