Clubbers of the week: YSJ

York St John, you mad lot


Another weekly round-up of the good, the bad and the down right heroic people of YSJ in their natural habitat.

Hotties of the week 


Koh Samui. Represent

 Photobombs of the week 

When the Kuda bar staff join in

“What do we have here?”

Your guess is as good as mine

 Creeps of the week

Straight to the point

Definitely the “Missguided Zone”

 Heroes of the week 

Still better than a kebab

You. Call. Me

I want whatever these guys are on

 Best of the rest 

Still a better moustache than half the club

Realising you have a deadline Monday

When you finally find your friends

Never leave all your work to the last minute

Photo Credits: Bradlo Photography / Sophie Penny Photography