Can we stop the York St John hate?

We’re not so different, you and I


Two very different Universities who share a city, a plethora of clubs and a McDonalds. What could go wrong?

The rivalry between UoY and YSJ seems like it will never end. But why all the hate? We’re not so different.

Sure, you could spend hours listing the many differences between the two universities. Both are very different in the courses they offer, the students who choose to go there and the nights out each of them have.

However they do share average club nights and a McDonalds or two. We may have much more in common than you first realised.

Put away the Yik Yak abuse, let’s relish in the fact we share a city far more beautiful than the likes of Leeds, and embrace our similarities:


Oh Willow. A restaurant turned nightclub we will never forget.

We both find a £1 tequila slammer far too tempting especially when we are trying to forget the horrendous prawn cracker fuelled romances we have seen dotted around the dance floor and toilets.

Sometimes those romances are inter-uni. YSJ boy and UoY girl? The horror.

You’ll see them later at the clinic

The walk of shame

We can still appreciate the stunning York landscape with a hangover and a neck camouflaged in love bites.

We love being marshalled everywhere by the York geese, and can always sympathise with someone else walking home sheepishly, no matter what uni they’re from.

Absolutely stunning

Stone Roses

A triple, or three, at Stone Roses is undeniably the best pre-drinks in York.

Whether UoY or YSJ, you can’t deny you love ogling at the Netflix-addicts and the gymaholics battle out of the punching machines.

And with the soundtrack of every good punk-rock song you can sing along to, Stone Roses is always a York favourite.

Pass the triple Irn-bru


We’ve all given up trying to get anything done in town at the weekend because the hoards of locals and tourists are slow and in mass.

But we love when it’s less busy and you can pass from one street performer to another, almost giving your shopping spree a movie-esque soundtrack.

£14 for a slab of fudge? Bargain


We are all sick of the North/South accent debate.

The rules of Ring of Fire are completely different from night to night

And don’t get us started on which club is the best in York – a question we’ll never have an answer to.

But nevertheless, these crucial discussions are frequent at both YSJ and UoY. Not so different there, are we?

“No 5 is Categories, 7 is Never Have I Ever”


We all hate it when the DJ starts to talk in the middle of your favourite song whether that is the standard “Wonderwall” remix or the controversial DJ who hops from “Let it Go” to “Tarantula” and back to “The Circle of Life”.

And we all love when a DJ messes up and there is that awkward lull on the dancefloor as he tries to desperately to fix his Spotify playlist.

I don’t care that it’s her birthday

Beverage choices

We have all made the mistake of thinking Fibber Steins was a good idea until you are half way through one and are needing to join the huge queue for the unisex toilets.

Or is your group consisted of big spenders that love the expensive Kuda cocktails, because who can’t love a “Twisted” or a twist on “Sex on the Beach”?

We all drink the same worrying amounts of alcohol. But the rumours are that YSJ student nights are cheaper…just saying.

Stein time


We are all sick of being pestered by desperate club promoters promising the “Best Night Out in York” for the next five days.

We love looking through the embarrassing club photos from the clearly sadistic club photographers. (Thank goodness Willow doesn’t have photos it’d be – the end of the world as we know it).

No I didn’t want to go the first time you asked me. Nevermind the 7th

Reading Week

We all know that reading week is just an excuse to catch up with House of Cards and use your 400 page textbooks as an expensive footrest.

We always leave it too late to start reading but we all just get too excited at going home and actually having food in the cupboard and not struggling to find 20p for the washing machine.

(Sorry UoY, I mean £2.50 for the washing machine.)

Challenge Accepted


Sadly we will always have that competition between YSJ and UoY.

There will always be passive aggressive tweets and Yik Yaks to just pour more fuel on the fire.

But nevertheless you will probably end up with one on a night out and even match with one on Tinder.

Just remember these similarities when you next hear that someone you’ve been talking and flirting with, spills that they are from the wrong university.

And who knows, massive YSJ/UoY pre drinks at mine?